USDF Bronze and Silver medalists

Creating harmounious horses and riders

     Meghan is a dressage trainer and is currently based out of the Jupiter Farms, FL.  Meghan has more than 30 years of horse experience and  20 years of teaching. A USDF Bronze and silver medalist, she has trained her own and many other competition horses from first backing to Grand Prix level.

     Meghan’s guiding principal is the harmony and happiness of the horse-and-rider combination as a basis for all levels of learning. She creates and maintains soundness through classical dressage and sensitivity to the horses’ and riders’ strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps most important, Meghan establishes trust in and between horses and riders.

     Working with all levels and all breeds, Meghan accepts horses and riders as they are and then takes them up through the levels to the pinnacle of their potential. She clearly enjoys the process and has excellent rapport with all her human and equine students. She believes that formost horses should be horses.